Friday, 12 December 2014

Catching Sunrise at Batu Karas

a picture of sunrise at batu karas
Rejoice in a wonderful scene 
Enjoying scenery, such as sunrise, is one of activities which you can carry out at Batu Karas beach.

In approximately an hour away from Pangandaran or 11 to 12 hours from Jakarta, you will discover a beautiful fishermen village with extraordinary coastal panorama. Batu Karas is the name of the village where there is a beach with surf spots known as the long board heaven. You don't have to be worried for some holes caused by the damage along the road from Pangandaran if you plan your holiday for the next several months, as the construction to fix it is still running while I'm writing this article.

It's probably nightfall as you arrive at Batu Karas if you depart from Jakarta at early morning. Check in and take a rest in your hotel before going out for a seafood dinner would be great after a long and land journey. 

To catch sunrise in a sequence as it arises from horizon, waking up early before daybreak is a must. 

There are spots to enjoy this moment. You may rent a boat to see sunrise from the lagoon. Another alternative is by walking from your hotel. Yes, there is a good spot, a narrow beach with large reefs on the left and right side. It's five minutes walk from Javacove Beach Hotel and you will find it near the camping ground located after bus parking ground. I think, it's great location for photographing too. 

Hot season is the best time to enjoy sunrise in Batu Karas and, but hope for a clear sky in rainy season. I was lucky enough to catch a little while.


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