Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Indonesia: The Getaway Destination

a picture of a sunrise at batu karas
Enjoying sunrise at Batu Karas
Indonesia is a beautiful country. It’s a sentence frequently comes out from foreign tourists. Well, what can I say? This country has it all (beaches, mountains, exotic  tropical rainforest, foods, etc) and never stop amazes myself. 

Eventhough I’m  100 % Indonesian, there are more traveling destinations available than I able to count. I’m not sure I would have visit those destinations in my lifetime, I wish I could, considering Indonesia is the largest archipelago nation in the world with a lot of diversities.

When it comes to a large number of traveling destination, it is important to gain some information related to the destination in planning your getaway. ‘What are the possible routes ?’, ’is there any cheap hotel or homestay ?’, ‘How’s the food ?‘ are some of the questions which have to be concern in planning your travel. In accordance to those need, my blog,, provides some of those information and I try the best I could to present it to you. 

The Blog
About the blog name, ‘sundabeach’ consist of two words from two different languages. ‘Sunda’ is the name of an Indonesian tribe inhabit mostly West Java and Banten province, while beach is a pebbly or sandy shore, especially by the sea between high- and low-water marks ( The combination of the meaning of the two words, sundabeach, would mean the coast of sunda located on Western side Java island (West Java and Banten). Since sundabeach is the name of the blog, is a blog provides information about your getaway destination, especially beaches or anything related to the beach in West Java and Banten.

The narrowing area of information will not hold possibility in the future to present you some information about other kinds of destination in other regions in Indonesia. I specialised the topic because West Java and Banten are the closest provinces to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. In addition, West Java and Banten have a lot of tourism potential too.

I personally hopes that the information will be useful. Thank you.


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