Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pangandaran – Batu Karas Trip: Possible Itinerary

a picture of a reef at batu karas indonesia
Ray falls upon the cliffs

Welcome to Batu Karas; a friendly village and tropical beach; at Pangandaran Regent, West Java Indonesia. Get ready for sea and river adventure: surfing adventure, body rafting along Citumang river, swimming while enjoying Indonesia green canyon and catching sunrise. Meet the fishermen and buy their fresh catch; mackarels or, If you’re lucky, barracudas; and cook it your way.

Crowning moment:
  • Rent a surfboard and go play with the waves.
  • Take a bicycle and explore the seashore. You may reach the lagoon with it.
  • Find a boat and explore the river – lagoon route, enjoy the sunrise and swim at the lagoon. The local provides a boat rental
  • Swimming among canyons at the river

Itinerary – 6 days

Day 1. Jakarta – Pangandaran – Batu Karas (started from your arrival in Indonesia)
It’s your arrival to Soekarno – Hatta International Airport. If you reach Banjar at lunchtime, enjoy sundaneese cuisine at warung jeruk or, If, at the same time, you have arrived at Pangandaran, enjoying lunch at a seafood restaurant would be perfect too. Continue to Batu karas; you’ll be arriving on the next hour. Check in and take a rest. Enjoy your dinner.

a picture of batu karas beach pangandaran west java indonesia
Batu Karas beach
Day 2. Batu Karas Beach
Enjoying sunrise at the lagoon and swimming. Rent a boat, enjoy the river and mangrooves along the way to lagoon. Alternatively, rent a bike, follow the seashore and head for the lagoon. At noon, go surfing. Novice? Ask a local surfing instructor. 

a picture of green canyon west java indonesia
A view of Green Canyon.
Day 3. Green Canyon
Body rafting and swimming at The Green Canyon (Cukang Taneuh). It’s 15 minutes from your hotel to the port and another 15 minutes by boat to the canyon. The boat will wait for you, but extra time will cost you extra charge.

Day 4. Citumang/ Green Valley

Go to Citumang/ Green Valley. The road is bumpy along the journey and it will cost you an hour travel time. Explore the river amidst tropical rainforest. Regular route is available, but you can go to the hidden location. Ask a local guide to take you there. It’s a way  up – to – the – hill journey; slippery path; but it will be paid off when you get there, the beautiful Green Valley.

Day 5. Batu Karas Beach
Help fishermen pulling their net to gather fresh catchs. Buy fishes directly from the fishermen and cook it for your lunch.

Day 6
Back to Jakarta, or, perhaps another destination.

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