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Tanjung Layar: Beaches, Caves and Surfing Point

the picture of an iconic reefs of tanjung layar west java indonesia
Iconic reefs of Tanjung Layar (The picture is taken from
Anyer, Carita, Peucang Island, Karang Bolong are some of potential Banten getaway destinations. They are beautiful beach with their scenery uniqueness. Peucang Island with great white sand and clear blue water, holed reef in Karang Bolong beach, The great tide of Anyer are some of great panorama you may get. But, before I get into those destination, I’m going to show you Tanjung Layar, an amazing destination in the edge of Java.

Tanjung Layar is within Desa (village) Sawarna, Kecamatan (sub-district) Bayah, Kabupaten (regent) Lebak and Provinsi (province) Banten. To reach Tanjung Layar, you can either rent a car or use public transportation. For a car route, you can take freeway (toll road) to Ciawi an go along the way to Cicurug. Continue to Sukabumi for Pelabuhan Ratu. You will find great panorama along the way at Pelabuhan Ratu. Head for Cisolok that will lead you to Sawarna Village. Be heedful of damage and curvy road along the journey in some strips. For public transportation route, take any buses or trains that will lead you to Bogor. In Bogor, find Baranang Siang bus terminal and hop in any buses that will take you to Pelabuhan Ratu. From Pelabuhan Ratu, find a minibus (usually they’re mitsubishi) and tell the driver that you want to go to Sawarna. When you arrive at Sawarna village, ask the motorcycle  riders to take you to Tanjung Layar or to the beach. They will gladly take you there for a payment.

Exotic beaches such as Ciantir and Laguna Pari and sunset-sunrise spots are some of the main attractions. Near Ciantir, two big reef mark the coral beach like Monas marks Jakarta and their sail-like shape (‘layar’ is ‘sail’ in Bahasa) stand as the main attraction of this area and good photographic spot as well. The beaches are 15 to 30 minutes walk from your stay. Ask the locals and ask them to guide you. It would be tired on foot journey, but It would be paid off when you get there.

If you’d like to explore a cave, you don’t want to miss Lalay cave. Within a kilometre distance from Sawarna village, a slippery dark cave which light only a flashlight carried by you or attached on a helmet is available for your adventure. You can choose any routes available inside the cave and enjoy the stalactites during exploration. Ask the local guide for an advice. About the name, if you come to the cave in the morning, there are a lots of bats above you hanging on the cave and that’s where Lalay name comes from. Lalay means bats. Watch for guano drops!

The tides of Ciantir beach are pretty great and they’re good for surfing. Try and go for it.

Have a good time.


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