Saturday, 3 January 2015

Explore Lembah Putri: A Place to Gaze at Amazing Views

Pangandaran peninsula, Kambangan Island, Jati (teak) forest and other great views; enjoy them from an altitude and take photographs of great scenery.

Up and away to the hill, gaze to all direction and delight in breathtaking views. A moment you won't let go without taking pictures of great scenery. You can see a beautiful view of Pangandaran peninsula from the height. This is the amazing hill. This is Lembah Putri (The Valley of The Princess).

Lembah Putri is approximately 3 to 5 kilometers from Pangandaran Beach and about 15 minutes travel time. It's within desa (village) Ciputrapinggan, Kecamatan (district) Kalipucang, Kabupaten (regency) Pangandaran and head to the east from Pangandaran Beach. Riding a bike would be a great challenge because you will encounter steep hill and curvy and winding road on the way to Lembah Putri. Bikes for rent are all over the place around Pangandaran beach. The road to Lembah Putri is wide enough for cars, but make sure that the car is good to go regarding to road condition (steep and serpentine). As you enter Lembah Putri you will have to pay IDR 5000 for entrance fee.

On the hill, to lead you to the beach or somewhere around the hill, a path made of stone with a meter wide is ready for use. At one end of the path, a pavilion or a shelter stands as facility for visitors. The shelter is about 100 meter square. You can see to all directions and enjoy amazing oceanic views from the shelter and take good pictures of shores seen from a height. At Lembah Putri beach, head to the west to witness a good vista of an estuary, a meeting point of Indian ocean and Ciputrapinggan river.

The location seem to be almost unspoilt and underdeveloped. There is no decent hotel or restaurant or even food stall and no souvenir market as well. You can stay in hotel around Pangandaran Beach or, for a little bit of adventure, you can built a tent on Lembah Putri Beach to stay and enjoy the panorama.

A Mythical Cave

Near Lembah Putri beach you will find a cave called Ronggeng Cave. When a night falls, a gamelan music is sometimes heard from inside the cave. A believed local story tells that the music is connected to Dewi Rengganis, a ronggeng gunung performer. Ronggeng gunung is an art performance.

Getting to Pangandaran

Take a flight from Halim Perdanakusumah Airport (Jakarta) or Husein Sastranegara Airport (Bandung) to Nusawiru Airport (Pangandaran). The flight is available daily (Susi Air). You can take a bus from Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal too (Jakarta) or, from Bandung, you can take a direct bus to Pangandaran in Cicaheum Bus Terminal. With a bus, the estimated time travel is 9 hours from Jakarta and 7 hours from Bandung. From Jogjakarta, it's7 hours. Another alternative is to rent a car

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