Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Kedai Mi'abi: A Snack Shop in Garut with Atmospheric Bamboo Interior

Are you looking for a local snacks and desserts shop in Garut? Go to Kedai Mi'abi, a humble small restaurant with a variety between western and Asian snacks.


As a city with growing tourism potential, Garut Regency has triggered small businesses related to tourism. Culinary business start ups are now starting to develop one by one in accord with a demand. Lists of menus are designed to meet customers' taste. Coffee shop, ramen shop and small Sundanese restaurant are now built to serve the dynamic changes of the culinary market in Garut. One of the places is Kedai Mi'abi.

Kedai Mi'abi is a relatively new snack shop compared to others, but it offers pretty good tastes. With a bamboo interior design, this place is a perfect venue for hanging out in Garut. Located in Jalan (street) Terusan Pembangunan, Kedai Mi'abi is pretty close to Simpang Lima Circus, a crowded hangout area in Garut similar to Hotel Indonesia Circus in Jakarta. 

You can see a live attraction of how surabi  is made, an open kitchen.
Traditional Asian foods and western foods are on the Kedai Mi'abi menu list. Pancake, sandwich and pasta are some of the western food, while ifumie (it's very delicious), seblak and surabi are some of the Asian foods sold here. Surabi is Indonesian traditional cake made from rice flour and coconut. It's like a pancake, but thicker. Seblak is a rice cracker, but it's stewed with egg and spices instead of fried and it's hot. For traditional and body warming beverage, try bandrek, a similar beverage to ginger ale.


The price is ranged approximately from IDR 7000 to IDR 30000. I think the price is pretty friendly to your wallet.


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