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Kebun Mawar Situhapa: Tropical Europe Garden

kebun mawar situhapa gate garut west java indonesiaIn this location, the garden of a hotel or cottage where you stay is 5 ha land full of blooming flowers, exotic plants and extraordinary view. This is a destination in Garut Regency.

kebun mawar situhapa entrance garut west java indonesia

Kebun Mawar Situhapa literay means Situhapa Rose Garden. The 5 ha Garden is located in Kecamatan (district), Kabupaten (regency) Garut, West Java Province, Indonesia. Even though the name of the garden has 'rose' in it, other plants and flowers are there too. Enjoy the beautiful layout and arrangements of roses, azalea, water plants, exotic cactus and other beautiful flowers and plants. Kebun Mawar Situhapa is great place for picnic and photographing as well. Here, at 1150 meters above sea level, you will see a beautiful view of Garut City. To enter the garden, you have to pay IDR 15000. Children below 9 years old are free to enter.

kebun mawar situhapa garut west java indonesia

Getting There

Garut is only 63 from Bandung city. A bus or a mitsubishi minibus (we use to call it 'elf') are ready for service. The departures are either from Cicaheum Bus Terminal or Leuwipanjang Bus Terminal. In Garut, most departures arrive at Guntur Bus Terminal. Make sure that the bus or 'elf' take you there by asking the driver or the kondektur (driver's assistance). From Guntur Bus Terminal, hop in to an 'angkot' which has green-white color. The angkot will take you to Pasar Samarang (Samarang Market) and the fare is IDR 7000. After you arrive in Pasar Samarang, find a pick up car (we call it mobil bak) that will take you to Jalan Raya Kamojang and ask the driver to stop at the gate of Kebun Mawar Situhapa. the fare is IDR 5000.

From Jakarta, Garut is 5 hours away. Take a DAMRI bus to Kampung Rambutan from Soekarno- Hatta International Airport. Direct buses to Garut are ready for service in Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal.

Where to Stay

Stay there. I mean, Kebun Mawar Situhapa provide hotel service within the garden. So, you may stay in a hotel which the view is the garden itself. Imagine yourself staying in a hotel or cottage which the view is 5 ha garden full of blooming flowers.

kebun mawar situhapa hotel and cottages garut west java indonesia

The weekday rate of the hotel ranges between IDR 700K to IDR 1850K. For high season, the rate is 3 to 5 times more expensive.


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