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The Beautiful Places You Have to Explore Around Peucang Island

Peucang is a beautiful small island and if it's too small for your adventurous spirit, check another destinations around the island.

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The island is not enough. Explore beautiful places around the island. Some destinations can be reached directly by a boat and some can be reached by walking after the boat touch the shore.


Enjoy the view: beautiful colorful fishes and corals. This is a snorkeling and diving spot and one of the best in Ujung Kulon. You won't let this moment passed without underwater camera. Cihandarusa diving and snorkeling spot is roughly 15 to 20 minutes travel time by boat from Peucang Island to northwestern direction. Prepare your diving or snorkeling gear for this adventure.


Cibom is a campground in Ujung Kulon National Park. Around the campground is an array of beautiful natural awesomeness: beach with shallow sea which is good for swimming, pasturage, rocks and cliffs. The location is a historical site too where you can see what's remained from the dock built by Dutch Colonialist in 1808. To reach Cibom, you have to travel by boat from Peucang Island. The travel distance is about 2 km and the travel time is around 45 minutes. Chemical usage is prohibited (body soap, toothpaste, detergent, etc.).

Tanjung Layar

Camping at Cibom seems to be unfulfilled without exploring places around. Take a 30 minutes walk to the west from Cibom campground through a path. After 30 minutes walk, you will find a site contain buildings; the old lighthouse and detention center. The site is called Tanjung Layar. The breathtaking view around this location is awesome: exotic large rocks and grazing fields. The view from the lighthouse is pretty good either. In Tanjung Layar, there is a mark which inform that the location is edge of Java Island. You can follow the shore to reach Tanjung Layar.


The next destination is Ciramea. It's a beach where the green tortoises (Cheloria Mydas) laid their eggs, especially in June to September. The beach and its astonishing view can be reach by an hour walk from Tanjung Layar.


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Cidaon is a grazing field and rainforest where deers and bulls gather in the morning and the afternoon. Watch them graze from a distance but not too close. The animals will flee when they're realise your presence. Beautiful sunset is a panoramic view worth to watch. Cross the sea from Peucang Island and walk for about 250 m to the grazing field.


From Cidaon, you can either walk to Citerjun Waterfall, or Cibunar, another grazing field and rainforest. While Cibunar is too far (3.5 hours walking) you can go to the closest destination from Cidaon, Citerjun Waterfall (1.5 km distance). Citerjun Waterfall is a naturally artistic geographical waterfall composition and a spectacular color transition between freshwater from a river and withe sand at seashore. You also can get to Citerjun directly from Peucang Island.


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