Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Fly to Pangandaran: Air Route

Aircraft to Pangandaran Susi AirA flight service from Jakarta or Bandung is available for you to Pangandaran. Travel faster to spent more time in Pangandaran,  the pride of West Java tourism.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Cukang Taneuh: The Indonesian Green Canyon

green canyon pangandaran

Green Canyon; or, the locals call it Cukang Taneuh which means the soil bridge; is a canyon formed naturally on Cijulang river. Cijulang river flows through the canyon. As you get there, you will see stalactites hung above your head. The name Green Canyon itself was obtained from a French tourist who came to the location and gave the name in 1993.

Friday, 26 December 2014

3 Amazing Beaches in Garut You’d Be Eager to Visit

santolo beach
Santolo Beach (The picture is taken from tripadvisor.com)

Like Batu Karas or Pangandaran, beaches in Garut are part of West Java south coast array. The beauty of its beaches are comparable to other beaches in other Indonesian regions like Bali, though not as popular as Kuta or Sanur. Read the rest of the article to enjoy the attractiveness. 

Monday, 22 December 2014

West Java: The Jakarta Neighbor Province

map of west java
Map of West Java (The picture is taken from jabarprov)

West Java is one of the largest province in Indonesia and has the most dense population. Kota Bandung is the city where the central government of the province established. A historical building widely known as an office for West Java government is Gedung Sate, an architectural heritage designed by J. Gerber and the team. With addition of the new regent, Pangandaran, West Java at the present day includes 18 regencies (kabupaten) and 9 cities (kota). The nine cities are Kota Bogor, Kota Depok, Kota Sukabumi, Kota Bekasi,  Kota Cirebon, Kota Bandung, Kota Cimahi, Kota Tasikmalaya and Kota Banjar. The regencies include Kabupaten Bogor, Kabupaten Sukabumi, Kabupaten Cianjur, Kabupaten Purwakarta, Kabupaten Subang, Kabupaten Karawang, Kabupaten Bekasi, Kabupaten Cirebon, Kabupaten Indramayu, Kabupaten Majalengka, Kabupaten Kuningan, Kabupaten Bandung, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Kabupaten Sumedang, Kabupaten Garut, Kabupaten Tasikmalaya, Kabupaten Ciamis and Kabupaten Pangandaran. 

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Madasari Beach: Hidden, Quite and Beautiful

a pitcure of a reef at madasari beach Pangandaran West Java Indonesia
A reef at Madasari (picture taken from Disparbud Jabar)
South coast of West Java offers an array of great experiences. Starting from Garut, make your way to Santolo Beach, Cijayana Beach, Sayang Heulang Beach, Cilauteureun Beach, Cijeruk Beach, Leuweung Sancang beach and more of them. Head yourself to the eastern side of West Java Province; to Tasikmalaya; and explore the exotic beaches: Cipatujah, Sindangkerta, Pamayangsari and Karang Tawulan. Continue your journey to Ciamis, Banjar and, the last but not the least, Pangandaran Regent.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Cipanas: Have a Nice Soak in The Hot Spring

a pitcure of sumber alam waterpark in cipanas garut west java indonesia
A water park with Mount Guntur as a background
Whenever you travel to the east destination of West Java, for example, Pangandaran and decide to visit another destination along the journey, don’t forget to visit Garut, a city known for dodol (traditional chewy candy), Batik Garutan (a fabric with traditional motives), vetiver handicrafts and the great breed of sheep (Domba Garut). You’ll get there after a tired 5 hours land journey from Jakarta and, you might need a transit to take rest just to strecth your body or, perhaps, a nice soak in Cipanas hot spring water.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pangandaran – Batu Karas Trip: Possible Itinerary

a picture of a reef at batu karas indonesia
Ray falls upon the cliffs

Welcome to Batu Karas; a friendly village and tropical beach; at Pangandaran Regent, West Java Indonesia. Get ready for sea and river adventure: surfing adventure, body rafting along Citumang river, swimming while enjoying Indonesia green canyon and catching sunrise. Meet the fishermen and buy their fresh catch; mackarels or, If you’re lucky, barracudas; and cook it your way.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Tanjung Layar: Beaches, Caves and Surfing Point

the picture of an iconic reefs of tanjung layar west java indonesia
Iconic reefs of Tanjung Layar (The picture is taken from http://disbudpar.bantenprov.go.id)
Anyer, Carita, Peucang Island, Karang Bolong are some of potential Banten getaway destinations. They are beautiful beach with their scenery uniqueness. Peucang Island with great white sand and clear blue water, holed reef in Karang Bolong beach, The great tide of Anyer are some of great panorama you may get. But, before I get into those destination, I’m going to show you Tanjung Layar, an amazing destination in the edge of Java.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Catching Sunrise at Batu Karas

a picture of sunrise at batu karas
Rejoice in a wonderful scene 
Enjoying scenery, such as sunrise, is one of activities which you can carry out at Batu Karas beach.

In approximately an hour away from Pangandaran or 11 to 12 hours from Jakarta, you will discover a beautiful fishermen village with extraordinary coastal panorama. Batu Karas is the name of the village where there is a beach with surf spots known as the long board heaven. You don't have to be worried for some holes caused by the damage along the road from Pangandaran if you plan your holiday for the next several months, as the construction to fix it is still running while I'm writing this article.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Indonesia: The Getaway Destination

a picture of a sunrise at batu karas
Enjoying sunrise at Batu Karas
Indonesia is a beautiful country. It’s a sentence frequently comes out from foreign tourists. Well, what can I say? This country has it all (beaches, mountains, exotic  tropical rainforest, foods, etc) and never stop amazes myself. 

Eventhough I’m  100 % Indonesian, there are more traveling destinations available than I able to count. I’m not sure I would have visit those destinations in my lifetime, I wish I could, considering Indonesia is the largest archipelago nation in the world with a lot of diversities.

When it comes to a large number of traveling destination, it is important to gain some information related to the destination in planning your getaway. ‘What are the possible routes ?’, ’is there any cheap hotel or homestay ?’, ‘How’s the food ?‘ are some of the questions which have to be concern in planning your travel. In accordance to those need, my blog, sundabeach.blogspot.com, provides some of those information and I try the best I could to present it to you.