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Ujung Kulon National Park: Peucang Island

Peucang IslandSwimming, snorkeling, diving, jungle tracking, fishing are some of many activities you can carry out in this beautiful small island. Explore the island for unforgettable adventure. No cellular signal.


Peucang Island dock
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Pulau Peucang (Peucang Island) is one of many attractive islands in Ujung kulon National Park. It's an amazingly beautiful small island with withe sandy beaches, clear blue water and corals. Roaming wild animals like macaque monkeys, deers, boars is everyday scene. Great snorkeling and diving spots are around the island. Campers or tourists usually use the island as a base camp from where they explore any places in Ujung Kulon. There are so many beautiful places within the island and there are some too reached with approximately 10 to 15 minutes boat trip outside the island but close to the island.

The Name

The name of the island, 'Peucang', is taken from the name of a molluscan. Locals call it 'mata peucang' which means 'the eye of the deer'. 'Mata peucang' is a kind of snail lives around the shore of Peucang Island. Another version told that 'peucang' is a Sundanese word refers to the deer roaming freely in the island.

Karang Copong

Peucang Island Karang Copong
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Karang copong is a coast in the northern side of the island. 'Karang Copong' is a name given by the locals to the giant and mighty holed reefs which marks the area. This is a great place to see particularly beautiful sunset and a good spot for diving and snorkeling.

Peucang Island Karang Copong Sunset
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From the closest stay or cottages in Peucang Island, you have to walk through tropical rainforest for about 40 to 60 minutes to reach Karang Copong. During your walk to Karang Copong, the lowland tropical rainforest present you wildlife scenes. Deers, monkeys, boars, peacocks, etc. roaming around the old giant trees and plants.

Getting to Peucang Island: The Alternatives

Peucang Island is accessible through Taman Jaya with a boat provided by locals for rent. In the article entitled Ujung Kulon National Park: Getting There, I've written how to get to Taman Jaya from Jakarta. Taman Jaya is the main gate to Ujung Kulon National Park.The rental cost for a boat may be varied and change from time to time or according to the seasonal holiday. It is around IDR 1500K to IDR 3500K per day and the fare may be lowered if you rent a boat for more than a day. If you arrive by night and find a place to stay in Taman Jaya, you can check in at 'Sunda Jaya' hotel or take local's house for homestaying.

Alternatively, another port for crossing to Pecang Island is available. The first alternative is from Sumur port. How to get to Sumur port is in the article entitled Ujung Kulon National Park: Getting There. The rental cost of a boat is almost the same as in Taman Jaya port. You can reach Mangir Island too from this port. The second alternative is from a port near Carita Beach, but the cost for this transportation service IDR 4500K per day. What you get is a speed boat of 8 passengers capacity.

Where to Stay and Eat

During your stay in Peucang Island, you can stay at the one and only resort provided by Ujung Kulon National Park Auhority and partners. The rate is from IDR 150K to IDR 800K. This resort has a restaurant too. You may cook your meal if you want to. You may use the kitchen, or ask boat crews to cook your meal. Give them the ingredients and the dish will be sent to your place. In Taman Jaya, you may ask for permission from locals to use their kitchen.

In Taman Jaya, don't forget to buy raw foods like vegetables, fishes, condiments and spices before you go to Peucang Island from a store if you want to cook. Don't forget your fishing gear too if you want to catch fishes or squids for your lunch or dinner. Ask locals for fishing spots.

The Friendly Local

When you arrive in Taman Jaya, make sure that you meet Mr. Komar (Pak Komar). He's a famous and friendly local person and ex-WWF member too. Everybody in Taman Jaya definitely know him. He will support you with every information you want to know about Ujung Kulon. Pak Komar owns a hotel called 'Sunda Jaya' in Taman Jaya with IDR 100K per night.


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