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Madasari Beach: Hidden, Quite and Beautiful

a pitcure of a reef at madasari beach Pangandaran West Java Indonesia
A reef at Madasari (picture taken from Disparbud Jabar)
South coast of West Java offers an array of great experiences. Starting from Garut, make your way to Santolo Beach, Cijayana Beach, Sayang Heulang Beach, Cilauteureun Beach, Cijeruk Beach, Leuweung Sancang beach and more of them. Head yourself to the eastern side of West Java Province; to Tasikmalaya; and explore the exotic beaches: Cipatujah, Sindangkerta, Pamayangsari and Karang Tawulan. Continue your journey to Ciamis, Banjar and, the last but not the least, Pangandaran Regent.

Pangandaran Regent is known for its reputation as a getaway destination for local tourist and foreign tourist as well.  Amazing beaches are there too; Karang nini, Karapyak, Pananjung, Batu Karas, Batu Hiu, Madasari, etc. Some of them well managed as tourism destination some of them are not managed enough and remain a little bit concealed. The best thing about hidden beach (less goverment and investor involvement) in Indonesia is that it is less crowd and, therefore, it’s more natural, tranquil and less disorder. Take example Madasari Beach.

Hidden and Quite
a reef at the shore of madasari beach
Exotic view and great waves (picture is taken from Disparbud Jabar)
Madasari beach, or some others name it Bulak Benda Beach, is a destination managed by local community. Exotic reefs arranged along its shore are the best feature of the area. Batu Leuit (also known as Karang Seugeuh), Legok Gandu, Cariuk, Gedogan, Pandan Nyampai and Batu Sebrotan are the names of those beautiful reefs. On some of those reefs, you may go fishing or enjoy amazing complete view of the beach. For expert surfers, you’ll find the wave is very challenging, while Batu Karas’ is beginner friendly. Watch for sea urchins at  the shore. They may show up sometimes.

Commercial accomodations, such as hotel or cottage, are not available in Madasari, but some local residents’ houses are available for homestay. Alternatively, find your hotel accommodation in Batu Karas. From Batu karas, take a trip to Madasari or any place around.

How to get there
In order to get to Madasari, first, you have to reach Pangandaran. If you depart from Jakarta, buses to Pangandaran are available at Kampung Rambutan Terminal. Then, at Pangandaran terminal, continue with another bus head to Cijulang Terminal. From Cijulang Terminal, ask an ‘ojek’ rider to take you to Madasari. Complete possible routes will be published in the future post. If you stay in Batu Karas, rent a bicycle or motorbike and ride anywhere you want.

Ojek is Indonesian transportation service on motorcyle. Although it’s not official (an official public transportation vehicle has yellow plate number), ojek riders usually establish a community to make their service well organised. The rate is subject to the distance traveled.

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